My Meggan: $5 Family Fun


Me & Meggan: forty years of friendship

This is my oldest friend Meggan. She’s amazing for a lot of reasons. Primarily, because she’s put up with me for forty years. No kidding. Our moms’ pregnancies overlapped. They were pals. We were birthed into being life-long friends.

If you notice at the top of the photos, were playing outside in a bucket of water. We used to do things like that all the time. We would make “potions” out of berries from the bushes, leaves, dirt and water. We would use old canning jars to store them on her grandmother’s porch. I can only imagine what it must have smelled like when that poor woman found those jars after I left every time.

But that’s what Meggan does. She makes something imaginative and fun out of whatever is handy or lying around. She tells great stories and laughs big laughs. She made parts of my childhood magical and full of wonder. Now she’s doing the same for her son.

I don’t want to think about my life if she hadn’t been a part of it. It would be far less creative, I know that.

And now she’s helping other families create their own magic. She’s continuing to make something grand out of very little.

Her book $5 Family Fun was recently published. It’s ideas for you and your family to have a grand time together for very little cash.

I hope you’ll check it out. It’s got some really good crafts and fun in there.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m super proud to be her friend.



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