Mixify: a tale of balance

If you follow me on social media, you know that we went on vacation last week. I’m not gonna lie, it was fantastic. (There will be more on that in a later post.)

One of the things we did was rent bikes for the whole family. My kid learned to ride his bike this summer and has been a little obsessed with it. So we rode every day. Every.single.day. I clocked the routes we were riding. It was about 3-5 miles per day. I know for major cyclists that’s not a ton of miles, but it kept us moving our bodies.

I didn’t realize how genius a plan that was until I weighed in when we got home. It was vacation, so we ate and drank a lot more food than we normally would. But the bike riding kept things under control. I didn’t come home with a big weight gain like I usually do after vacation.

Turns out, everybody is talking about balance. In Little Rock the Mixify Tour stopped at MacArthur Park. Mixify is a series of events around the country with activities, demonstrations, tips and tools, music, and giveaways — all designed to educate teens about the importance of balancing what they eat and drink with what they do.

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

photo courtesy: Mixify Tour

See, balance isn’t only about bike riding. All the cool kids are doing it. From the Mixify folks:

Mixify is a first-of-its-kind multi-year, national program launched last September by the American Beverage Association (ABA), The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Pepsico to engage teens through the communications channels they use every day in ways that fit easily into their lives. Developed with input from moms and teens, the program is focused on supporting parents’ efforts to educate their teens about balance in authentic, interesting and engaging ways.

The new Mixify Tour is taking that message of balance on the road with a 25-foot food truck re-purposed into a traveling balance billboard. The truck serves as the center of an event providing activities to demonstrate the importance of balancing “eat, drink & do,” access to experts like fitness instructors to answer questions about balance, group fitness classes, music and ways for teens to share their balance mixes through social media.

Our family isn’t perfect in our balance. But we’re working on it. Every dietician I know (and oddly I know quite a few dieticians… and psychiatrists, but that’s a whole other situation), gives the same advice. There can be no forbidden foods or no plan will work. It’s all about balance.
Disclosure: I was compensated to write this post about the mixify tour. However, I’m always pleased to promote events in my town that encourage the kind of lifestyle my family supports. 

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