Camp Lovely


I have these friends who won’t stop doing amazing things. Seriously, y’all. Could you slack off a bit? I’m starting look positively dreadful by comparison.

The latest project from a wonderful group of women is Camp Lovely. This Central Arkansas crafting  community likes to make, well… lovely things. So many lovely things. I am jealous of their mad crafting skills. You may not know it yet, but you’re jealous too. You want to learn their secrets.

Now you have a chance to stop being jealous and start being crafty. Camp Lovely hosts its Spring craft event April 18.

The highlighted crafts of the day will be screen printing, creating our own painted geometric wooden bead necklaces, making these beautiful crepe paper peonies you see above…and more!

The all day retreat will be held at the Morgan House in Conway, AR. This historical home has been beautifully restored and could not be a more perfect setting for our event. Whether you just need to come sit on a breezy front porch or you need a day to escape and create with others, you will definitely be inspired throughout the day.

Included in the cost will be all supplies for your crafts and a catered lunch, drinks and dessert from a local favorite.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Mark your calendars for April 18, and register for Camp Lovely. It will be an amazing time. You have my word on that.

If you register by April 4, there’s a $20 discount. You can get a full day of crafting, including lunch, for just $80. You can’t beat a deal like that…even with a stick. 


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