The legacy of Earl P.


My son, when he met his namesake

Jackson: Why did you name me Jackson?

Me: Because I wanted to name you after my grandfather, and Earl isn’t quite the name it used to be.

Jackson: You should have named me Razer.

Me: I can guarantee you that Razer Case was never even on the list of options.

Earl P. Jackson died five years ago today. It is still hotly contested among my cousins who was his favorite. I still say it was me. The other four will each tell you it was them. They are, of course, just wrong.

I was selfish where he was concerned. I prayed he would live long enough to see my son. He did. I think he would like his namesake. Jackson is what a Southern boy should be: a kind, hard-working, super competitive, mama’s boy.


Fine Jackson men

A lot of life has happened since he left us. I think he watches us on the Jackson family screen in the sky and smiles. At least most of the time. He probably cusses us a fair amount too. After all, he’s Earl P. and we’re his people. If we weren’t laughing at each other, laughing with each other and yelling a lot, we’d be some other family.



2 thoughts on “The legacy of Earl P.

  1. Kerri, I love reading your blog!!! Good pictures of your son and grandfather too!!! When I read about the “old people” blocking the grocery aisle, I sure hope I am not in that category now!!! I will tell you though, that like the rest of America (after the first of the year), I bet I took some of the salad you were looking for, leaving you only with green beans!! Haha!!

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