I understand. It’s ok.

President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

My dear precious friends,

I understand. It’s ok.

Perhaps you poured water on your head this summer to raise money and awareness for ALS. Perhaps you didn’t. Whichever side you landed, I understand. It’s ok.

There’s no right or wrong here. Just a gimmick. Some gimmicks are fun for some people. Others are not. I understand. It’s ok.

It’s been great for both the ALS foundation and also for other non-profits which do work on ALS. The others got a boost mainly because they don’t support embryonic stem cell research. Maybe you have a moral objection to that kind of research. Maybe you don’t. I understand. It’s ok.

MONEcoverPerhaps some of you were inspired by young Mo’ne Davis. She’s the first Little Leaguer to ever be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And she’s a GIRL! Perhaps you think children’s sports take up too much space in our culture. I understand. It’s ok.

Perhaps you bottle fed your baby. Perhaps you nursed your baby. Perhaps you home school or private school or public school. I understand… all of it. And it’s ok.

First day, second grade

First day, second grade

Perhaps you think it’s adorable to see and post 5,247 photos of the first day of school. Perhaps you think it’s excessive. Perhaps you sent a bologna sandwich in a paper bag for lunch. Perhaps you created art in your kid’s bento box. I understand. It’s ok.

Perhaps from time to time you share lists of things for which you feel gratitude to remind yourself of all that is truly important to you. Perhaps you think lists like that are the quintessential humble brag. I understand. It’s ok.

lunchbox-dad-4It’s ok that we’re not the same. It’s ok that you’re doing life differently than me and I’m doing it differently from most people of sound mind. This whole grownup, adulting thing is hard.

Some people are butchers. Others are bakers. And still others are candlestick makers. It really does take all kinds.

So take a breath. And remember: it’s ok.


5 thoughts on “I understand. It’s ok.

  1. Love this, Felicia. šŸ˜‰
    (answers: 1) Yes, I really do know her name is Kerri. 2) It’s a reference to an old movie and current slang phrase. 3) It’s ok.)

  2. I need to know how those bento boxes stay looking like characters! I mean, yes, excessive, but really, my focus is on knowing that a kid will not carry a box all level like and will end up with something more nightmarish upon opening. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for and then, that’s OK.

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