Happy Birthday, Sissy!

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It’s my sister’s birthday. I’ve been driving her bananas for literally all of my life.

Overall, she’s been a remarkably good sport about it…which is pretty impressive because I can be really annoying. Especially if I’m working at it. And for about the first 20-ish years of my life, I worked hard at making her bonkers.

What?! I’m the little sister. What do you want from me?

And she gave as good as she got. Make no mistake. For years, she would talk about how everything in her life was great…until *I* came along. Somewhere around her 40th birthday, she made peace with the idea that I’m not going anywhere.

She was my first playmate. She was my first secret keeper. She was also my first fist fight. But, she stood up to a bully on the school bus for me.

She borrowed my clothes without asking. She locked me in the clothes hamper. She made me so mad once that I slammed my bedroom door so hard, the frame fell off it. But she took her punishment right along with mine on that one.

Once, she made me get out of the car and walk because I was being a brat, and Mom made her drive me places. She drove beside me for three blocks until I agreed to get back in because she knew if she came home without me, both our lives were over.

These days when I call her with irrational anger over something, she always takes my side…even if she thinks it’s absurd to be so upset.

She’s doing this whole life thing a few years ahead of me. She’s just a little further up the road. So when I freak out, she tells me it’s no big deal. Avoid that rock and ignore that sign, and everything will be ok.

When we would fight at kids, which was a lot because we’re both super competitive, my dad would tell us to be nice to each other. He was say, “She’s your sister. She’s what you’ve got in this world.” I was convinced if that was true, and she really was all I had, then I was in a sorry state of affairs. She pretty much felt the same about me.

Turns out, she’s a really good friend, mom, wife, daughter and sister. I love her. And I’m glad she’s what I’ve got. Mostly because that means she’s got me, and I’m not quite done being annoying.


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