New (on paper) Mom

This past Mother’s Day I was part of the production team for Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock. You probably remember that because I posted about it all.the.time.

I’m not supposed to have favorites among the cast. And I really do mean it in sincerity when I say I don’t have a favorite. I’m like that old grandmother who loves all of her grandbabies the same amount, but for different reasons.

It’s just one of the stories presented that day has such a beautiful follow-up that I really wanted to share it.

Me and Leah, LTYM 2014 photo courtesy: Jacob Slaton Photography

Me and Leah, LTYM 2014
photo courtesy: Jacob Slaton Photography

One of the cast members happened to be a friend of mine. Leah’s older son and my son are buddies. Her piece on motherhood and her personal perspective about being a “legal stranger” to her sons is so very touching. At the time of the show, she was in the process of adopting her boys.

You should hear her story in her words.
Go ahead.
I’ll wait.

A couple of weeks ago, the judge granted the adoption. Leah is now a “new” mom…at least on paper. In practice, she’s been momming for more than seven years. Soon, the boys will have new birth certificates issued with both their moms’ names on them.


Adoption day. The new family with their attorney on the left.

I can’t say that I know all of what Leah felt the day she went before the judge. I know she’d never been in a courtroom in her life. I know she’s been through more hoops than most people can even imagine to have her rightful place in her boys’ lives acknowledged. I know she is an amazing mom, wife, aunt, sister, daughter and friend. I know I am so incredibly happy for her family.

I begged them to let me throw a Sip ‘N See for the new mom. They are my friends, so they already know I’m nuts. The were super nice when they told me to stop behaving like an insane person.

But I am an insane person, so I gave her a baby gift anyway. It’s everything a “new mom” needs: a rattle, sippy cup, baby book and bottles. They’re the glass ones. So it’s totally green, no BPA or anything.

For the new (on paper) mom

For the new (on paper) mom

Frankly, I think I’m gonna start giving this gift at all baby showers.


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