Summer: Rain, Lakes and Glass

real boy

Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy. – Pinnochio

last day of school dance

Last day of school dance!

best teacher ever

Don’t let the dancing fool you. This boy is gonna miss his first grade teacher. Oh, how he loves her. We do too, for that matter.


Rain. Then some more rain. After that, rain.


My boy caught a fish. Summer in Arkansas, y’all.

lake hamilton

He was made to live like this. Just ask him.

lake hamilton

Tubing with his buddy

clinton center

Chihuly was never so safe. Guarded by to wacky boys, armed with pieces of paper.

clinton center

Outside the Oval Office. They may not look very Presidential now. But give them time. You just never know.

The last few weeks of school, I was literally counting down the days till summer break. We’re one week into it, and I’m already a little frazzled. I know, I know… I’ll never be happy.

But it’s rained almost every day since school let out. That’s made things a little more difficult than normal. Seven-year-old boys are not designed to be indoors all day. They are designed to run around like maniacs.

We went over to Hot Springs one day to see some friends. There was a brief break in the rain so we were able to take the boat out. My boy caught a fish. So all is right in his world.

I forced him and his friend to go to the Clinton Center with me. I really wanted to see the Chihuly glass exhibit. It’s fantastic! You should totally go see it, too. They were more interested in turning Burger King crowns upside down on their heads and pretending their center maps were guns. Because….obviously.

The weather is supposed to break Monday. Here’s hoping for sunny skies. Because until his summer programs begin, I’m stuck entertaining this monkey of mine.


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