The Crackpots and These Women

One of my favorite episodes in West Wing is titled “The Crackpots and These Women.” There’s a scene at the end, where some of the men are looking around the room at the women they work with, standing in awe of them.

That’s what my weekend was like. I kept looking around me, seeing fabulous women everywhere. (If you’re looking for the crackpots, there’s actually just one. That’s me)



I won’t rub salt in the wound in case you missed it, but you totally missed something amazing. Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock took the stage at The Rep Sunday. Sarabeth Jones, Kyran Pittman, Donna Hall and I worked together as the production team to bring this to the stage in our city.

We each have different skills and strengths to lend to the process. I think the text exchange just an hour before the we were supposed to arrive at the theatre sums up why I adore these women:

Kyran: We should have gotten corsages for the cast of ‪#‎LTYM‬ since it’s Mother’s Day.
Me: That can get tricky. You have to know if a person’s mother is dead or alive.
Kyran (Canadian): Wait. What?
Donna: Red for alive. White for dead.
Kyran: Why is everything with Southerners a trap?
Me: It’s not a trap, it’s proof that God likes us best.
Kyran: So when I wore a pink orchid one year, were people judging me?
Me: I’d have to check Emily Post, but I’m pretty sure they thought you murdered your mother in her sleep.
Sarabeth: You’re killing me with this. Killing.Me.

And of course, since I spent so much time text messaging clever things, I was late. Since I was picking up Kyran, she got to be late with me. Sarabeth and Donna really do have the patience of Job to deal with Kyran and me sometimes.

Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock cast (minus one, because she was in the ladies)

Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock cast (minus one, because she was in the ladies, and I’m a moron who can’t count to 15)

The cast of 14 women and one man was phenomenal. I laughed; I cried; I cheered like a maniac. So many people told their stories in a format that was not comfortable to them at all. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was. So heartbreaking, so joyful, so freaking funny, all rolled up in 90 minutes.

I think sometimes we get caught up in the technology that’s so pervasive in our lives that we overlook the immense power of authentically spoken words. I am so honored these people are in my life. I’m inspired by their courage to tell their truth in front of more than 200 friends, family and strangers.

I’m also completely exhausted. That kind of adrenaline takes a lot out of me. I was so glad to come home and stew in the success of it all. I also drank quite a bit of cheap champagne.

I'm all class

I’m all class

Videos of each performance will be posted on YouTube in several weeks. Of course, I’ll be squawking about that when it happens. But between now and then, I want to say thank you to everyone who submitted, auditioned, sponsored, attended and cheered for this production.

These women…. wow.


2 thoughts on “The Crackpots and These Women

  1. I second that motion. It’s lovely to go to The Rep to watch actors play a part. But getting to witness something so real and honest and unpredictable was a very different experience. The team did an amazing job covering a broad spectrum of mothering experiences. You just had no idea what might be coming next. I can’t wait to see what you bring us next year.

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