Getcher Tickets! Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock

Almost every good story I’ve ever told began with someone to whom I cannot say no. This is no different. Meet SaraBeth Jones.

Our fearless leader in shenanigans

Our fearless leader in shenanigans

SaraBeth contacted me a few months ago to see if I would be a part of Listen to Your Mother: Little Rock. Of course, I totally wanted to be a part of it! And even if I didn’t, I was in. She gave me a terribly important title: co-director. So that was smart on her part. I do so love important titles.

I have a bit of a history with Listen to Your Mother. Two years ago, I was part of the cast in Northwest Arkansas. It was a terrific experience.

In fact, both Sarabeth and one of the other co-directors, Kyran Pittman, were also in previous Listen to Your Mother casts. The fourth woman in this show is Donna Hall, who is an exceptional producer. Thank God she said yes, because she’s pretty much keeping this train on the tracks.

Auditions. Brought to you by Diet Coke.

Morning auditions. Brought to you by Diet Coke.

We took submissions and held auditions a few weeks ago. We honestly didn’t know what to expect. The depth and breadth of the stories that came in was phenomenal. Then I decided to change my name to Sophie, because how could I ever make those choices.

Eventually, we made difficult decisions, and announced the cast… with jazz hands, of course!

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands

So now comes the most fun part: the show! You really don’t want to miss it. I promise you it will be the best afternoon you’ve had in a long time.

Join us! Sunday, May 11, 3 p.m. at The Rep! Get your tickets now. They’re $15 until April 12. After that, they go up to $20.

See you there!


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