Just 250 Days till the Midterms

vote_check_markYesterday as I was leaving Kroger, I got a call from a pollster. Seems one of the campaigns for U.S. Senate here in Arkansas is interested in my opinions. So I gave them a piece of my mind, although arguably, I don’t have it to spare.

I spent ten minutes on the phone with a girl who asked me what I thought of a variety of persuasive messages. Frankly, none of it was very moving. It was all terribly deflating.

None of what she asked me gets to the heart of the matter. Since she didn’t have a box to check for any of what I think really matters, I’ll tell you.

Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton are free to take note if they like.

I believe we are better together than alone.

I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

I believe it is my job to make sure every man, woman and child has the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I believe education, healthcare and privacy are rights and not privileges.

I believe given the chance, some people will do miraculous, beautiful things.

I also believe given the opportunity, some people will steal your stuff.

I believe more often than not, people want to do the right thing.

I believe a person of faith is a person who has aligned his or her moral compass to something bigger than what can be seen and touched.

I believe we should elect people of high moral code.

I believe government should be religiously neutral, meaning we respect all faiths and value none over others.

I do not think it’s my place to determine which candidate is a better Christian.

I believe candidates take money from people or groups who share their values.

I believe it’s the opposite of surprising when an elected official acts on the behalf of people or groups who supported his or her campaign.

I believe when people tell you who they are, you should believe them.

I believe scare tactics and anger management will win votes, but never respect.

I believe we can all do better.

Nobody really wants to hear that in a poll. It could be argued no one really wants to hear that at all. They want to hear about Medicare, Social Security and taxes. That seems rational to me.

But more than anything, I think we want to be inspired. We want to believe our best days are still ahead of us. I believe people can and do meet high expectations every day. The trick is to let them get there by their own path and not someone else’s.

Ultimately, I believe the human spirit can rise.

Show me a candidate who believes even some of that too, and I’ll check that box.


2 thoughts on “Just 250 Days till the Midterms

  1. Hear, hear! Thank you for sharing what you think. I hope that Senator Pryor, Rep. Cotton and all our elected officials pay heed to your words because you are not alone. These things matter to many of us.

  2. The Democratic party here in Utah has always been miniscule, but now I think they are literally getting desperate. The joke is that the Democratic party used to meet in a phone booth here, but they’ve been recruiting – now they’ve moved up to a shipping container. That was made uncomfortably true when I got a recorded call yesterday asking ME if I would consider running for office or if I knew anyone who might consider it? Mind you, I’ve never set foot in Democratic HQ and I helped out like twice making some phone calls for the Obama campaign EIGHT years ago! And I have zero qualifications for any political office. That is truly DESPERATE.

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