It’s a trap!

star_wars_its_a_trapThe Internet is a trap!

It lures me in with pretty pictures and lots of fun words. And the next thing I realize, I’m in some sort of dumb argument with a long-time friend, I’ve lost three hours of my life watching videos of stupid pet tricks, or I’ve spent $276 on funny t-shirts.

If I’m going to be online I have to make sure my purse is in the next room. Because as it turns out, I’m more lazy than impulsive when it comes to shopping online. I have to want something pretty bad to get up and walk into the other room to get the credit card to buy something.

There is something so fundamentally wrong with me.

These are the best finds this week. I haven’t gone in search of my purse yet, but I’m close.


The best F-word. ever.
Available from Skreened


I’ve had every hair color: blonde, brunette, red. I like my natural brunette best.
Available at Skreened

rocky micks gym

How do you not love this?
Available at TV Store Online


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