The story that will make less stabby toward humanity

Just when you think people are no damn good, and the whole world is going to Hell in a hand basket, someone does something really wonderful.

Let me begin at the beginning. This fall, I made a weighted blanket for Jackson. A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like: a blanket with weight sewn into it.

Sometimes kids with sensory integration issues use them to help calm down. It’s like low-level compression on your pressure points. Jackson may have some mild sensory issues, but mostly he has a hard time quieting his body and mind to go to sleep.

I knew my friend Andrea made one for her niece, and it helped quite a bit. She sent me the tutorial she used to make hers. I made a Star Wars blanket for Jackson, and bedtime went from being a nightmare around here to being no big deal at all.

j blanketThen right before Christmas, a friend mentioned her son was having a hard time getting to sleep at night as well. I still had some supplies left from my blanket, so I made one for her son to see if it would help.

I posted a photo of it on Facebook, and wow! a lot of people were looking for weighted blankets. I had no idea. Several asked what I would charge to make their kids one. So I put them in my Etsy shop. Orders have been coming in. Who knew?

None of what you’ve just read is the cool part. Hang with me just a little longer.

A woman I went to school with in my hometown made mention that she would really like a blanket for her daughter. She has some special needs and her therapist recommended one.

It just flat wasn’t in the budget. She’s a law student. She’s doing an amazing job with her daughter and school. She’s working her ass off to make their lives better. For a lot of reasons, last year was pretty awful.

Now comes the great part.

Barely hours after she mentioned her daughter could use a weighted blanket, an order appeared on her behalf. An anonymous mutual friend ordered a blanket for her daughter. The friend did not want any credit. They just wanted to do a little good where they could.

This week, the blanket arrived. It was warmly received by both mother and daughter.

blanket 2There are a lot of problems that don’t have solutions. There are some really bad things happening in the world. And I don’t know why bad things happen to good people.

But through this exchange, I got to be the person to deliver warm, snuggly joy. (Well, technically the post office delivered it. But I got to send it.) There is genuine kindness in the world. I have seen it.

The anonymous friend has inspired me. What if I looked around every day for a way to do a little good? What if we all kept our eyes open for things (even little things) we could do to improve other people’s life?

And what if none of us cared about credit? What if we just loved other people with no expectation of any reward? What would our world look like then? Can you even imagine?


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