My first quilt: I mustache you a question…

Over Christmas, my sister-in-law visited. We got to talking about making quilts. She’d made one for Jackson when he was born, and has since made quilts for other friends when they had children.

I was inspired. Also, she is totally an enabler. She started sending me links to blogs and videos about quilting.

So last week, I decided to make a quilt for a dear friend’s baby shower. I learned quite a bit through the process. The hardest part was actually deciding what fabric to use.
quilt 3 I spotted the fabric for the back of the quilt first. It looked very much like some fabric she’d picked for her inspiration board for the baby’s nursery. Selecting the material to piece together for the front was a little tougher.

The woman who I like to shop with at the fabric store is absolutely hilarious. She does not lack for confidence in her opinions or pull any punches. When I found the mustache fabric, she immediately told me it was terrible. “That is totally inappropriate for a baby,” she fussed at me.
quilt 2 I told her I really thought she would like it. We went back and forth for quite some time. Finally she told me that it was my blanket and I could ruin it if I wanted to. I told her I was willing to live with that potential outcome.

It turned out pretty well. There are mistakes sewn into it. I insisted that was the “charm” of the quilt. My friend said she loved it. That’s good enough for me.

quilt 1 quilt 5


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