Nine (9) Days

It’s nine days until Christmas. I’m not even close to pretending I’m ready for this. I’m not organized the way I want to be this year.

Our Christmas cards went out late. Gifts are not done. I have absolutely no clue what the menu will be for Christmas Eve or Day.

Thanks once again to the amazing Erin Robinson for designing this year's card.

Thanks once again to the amazing Erin Robinson for designing this year’s card.

To deal with the anxiety, I’ve been eating candy. I’m not eating a little bit here and there, like a normal person would. I’m eating chocolate by the sackful and my weight is totally out of hand. Then because I’m stressed out about my weight, I eat more candy.

Is it possible for a person to literally explode from Reese’s peanut butter cups? I might become a medical marvel.

And by the way, don’t tell me that it doesn’t really matter about all the details I’m stressed out about, because you know bloody well it does matter.

Anyway, somewhere in all of this, I neglected to wish you all Happy Holidays.

So my wish for you, gentle reader, is that you are much further down your to do list than I am. I hope you find, in the madness we call a the season of good tidings, some great joy. And may someone who loves you hide all the chocolate so you can wear something besides yoga pants in the New Year.


2 thoughts on “Nine (9) Days

  1. Kerri, I hope that the chocolate raises your endorphin levels enough that you can get everything done that you want to get done. At SageMoon Cottage our holiday “catch phrase” is, “Oh surely we can make it.” We always role our eyes a bit and some snark is involved as we say that. For us this little sentence helps to make the holiday “hoo-hah” a little more bearable. Hang in there, Ardee-ann

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