Ice Capades 2013

I don’t particularly like ice or snow. I live in Arkansas, for crying out loud. But it was visited on me like a plague this past weekend.

The biggest trouble with winter weather is that no one here knows how to deal with it. So there’s general mass hysteria. We don’t have much by way of trucks to clear the roads, mostly because we might get a couple of days, but then it just melts and we all go about our business.

Bread shelf at our neighborhood grocery

Bread shelf at our neighborhood grocery

There’s usually a run on bread and milk when a weatherman utters the words “ice” or “snow.” I was told by the butcher at our neighborhood grocery store there was a near riot when they ran out of ground beef and he announced the delivery truck was still an hour out. “I though people were gonna lose their minds,” he said with actual fear in his eyes.

It’s understandable that customers were upset…what with no bread or milk left, what were they gonna eat?

Four days. That’s how long I was trapped in my house this time. Four.long.days.

The only way to deal with cabin fever is to bake and drink...probably not in that order

The only way to deal with cabin fever is to bake and drink…probably not in that order

I baked, and I drank. It was the only way to survive. I gained a pound per day we were trapped. I hate snow and ice.


One thought on “Ice Capades 2013

  1. I’m in Arkansas, too. I tried to go to work at the hospital and stay at a hotel only to have my daughter (2) roll off the hotel bed, crack her head on the nightstand and then us go to the ER. My boss sent me home that day. It took 2 hours to drive what is usually a 20 minute drive. I didn’t leave my house until Tuesday.

    I wonder every year what the deal is about bread and winter storms? I mean why not canned goods? Why not donuts? They’re way tastier. This confuses me.

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