Kicking Holidays in the Tinsel with Country Outfitters

Country Outfitters Boots for a YearWith very few exceptions, I’m able to do my Christmas shopping exclusively online. This is really great because if you know me, or have read anything I’ve ever written about the holidays, you know I don’t do well interacting with other humans during the shopping season. I really just want to kick the whole circus side show in the tinsel.

This is why I’m super excited about this announcement from Country Outfitters: they are going to give boots for a year to someone Cyber Monday. Seriously. One pair of boots each month during 2014.

But there’s even more good news. I’m giving away a $100 gift certificate from Country Outfitters also on Cyber Monday. You read that right. You have two chances to win some really great boots.

Best of all: You NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE to get really beautiful boots. Just in case you were wondering, there are tons of fabulous boots for less than $100 available at the Country Outfitters site.

So, to win boots for a year, simply enter the contest on the Country Outfitters website.

To win the $100 gift certificate from DrinkSleepBeKerri, leave a comment on this post with what part of the holiday season you want to kick. What drives you nuts? Who makes you crazy? Where can you just not stand to be? Let it all out. It will be totally therapeutic.

Get your entry in by Monday, December 2 at noon CST. I’ll use to select the winning entry, and announce it later that evening. 

Good Luck and Happy Kicking!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Country Outfitters. Entry emails will be shared with 

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UPDATE: The winner is….robinsbalancingact! I totally agree, that chipmunks song is terrible. I’ll send you a an email with your gift certificate code this week!  Thanks to everyone for playing along.


17 thoughts on “Kicking Holidays in the Tinsel with Country Outfitters

  1. The folks who are in too much of a hurry and end up being rude because of it. Cutting in line, stealing your parking spot or just being grumpy really put a damper on the fun things. I really like picking out gifts in an actual store but too many encounters with these folks always has me second guessing it.

  2. Gift giving. It turns normal human beings into snarky, impatient, rude jerks who expect retail workers to do “magic” when they don’t have that purple and gold sweater with the sequined cowl neck that Aunt Judy wanted even though they waited until Dec 23rd to go shop for it. Do away with gifts I say! Unless they are handmade. Which then means Michael’s is in deep poo on Dec 23rd. Bah. Humbug.

  3. My least favorite part of the holidays are contests that I don’t win. I do, however, love holiday contests that I do win.

  4. I can’t stand the materialism of Christmas. And I have been known to have a panic attack at Park Plaza Mall during December. And don’t get me started on trying to find a parking space.

  5. I want to kick the Turkey ! …you know – you buy it frozen because you procrastinated and all of the fresh Turkeys at Kroger are gone when you are shopping Wednesday afternoon …you bring that 23+ lb puppy home and must put in the sink with cold water and let it sit all night to defrost and then you have to get up at 6 AM after setting the alarm, while every one else in the house is still asleep and deal with the stupid Turkey – slit open the plastic sleeve covering the Turkey, reach in and grab that paper bag of “parts”, wash it, get the Turkey Roasting Pan out of storage, prepare it by smearing salt & pepper inside the cavity, chop the onion, get your celery stalks, and take a stick of butter – stuff the cavity with your onion, celery & butter; reach under the outer skin – loosening it and add more salt, pepper & butter, and last, taking your needle to inject the special Cajun spice …like a dermatologist – place into Turkey Roaster, slide into oven and let it roast for EVER so that that oven is available for all the other stuff for dinner – I want to Kick the Turkey and order a Turkducken – on line – fedex – for delivery on Wednesday so I can skip the whole Turkey thing !

  6. Went to Hobby Lobby and Bass Pro Shops last Saturday. That convinced me to stay out of public shopping places until after New Years. I hate the crowds more then anything.

  7. I hate trying to make everywhere we “have” to be on Christmas or at least all the places our families think we have to be – at a certain time – for a certain amount of time or someone feels slighted. And someone ALWAYS feels slighted – heck everyone always feels slighted. Yep, that’s what I hate………

  8. You know, this is such a wonderful time of year. A perfect time to catch up with friends & family you don’t see often enough, wonderful opportunities to be involved with volunteering and bettering others lives around us and a time to focus on the original Christmas story and Jesus Christ. I wish that I was able to truly slow down and relish in all of the above more than I do…not rushing around and ‘fitting it all in’ but actually soaking it all in and allowing myself to stop & appreciate, truly appreciate, all of my blessings.

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  10. I want to kick the stores that start playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. If you want to sell Christmas stuff and decorate before Thanksgiving, okay. But it drives me crazy when the Christmas music starts. I already get those songs stuck in my head for 3 months past December. Don’t make it start earlier, please!

  11. OK, why not. The Elf on the effing Shelf. Aside from the fact that like ANYONE needs one more thing in their house that they have to keep their children from touching, YOU DO NOT GET TO DECLARE YOURSELF “A CHRISTMAS TRADITION.” Especially when you did not even exist before 2004. And yes I looked that up on Wikipedia.

  12. I can’t stand doing my routine shopping during December. I try to go to the store to buy groceries and the place is packed with Christmas shoppers. I wish everyone would just shop online!

  13. I can’t stand how crazy the traffic gets during the holidays. I do a lot of my normal errands on my lunch break and it takes much longer to do anything during those weeks leading up to Christmas. Can’t people just stay home while I’m on my lunch break??!!!

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