In which I am a total hypocrite…sorta

DrinkSleepAndBeKerri sale

Coupon Code: CMAS20

I cannot stand when stores put out the Christmas stuff in July. I’m looking at you Hobby Lobby. You know, because nothing says the birth of a nation like jingle bells, or something like that.

I’ve had some serious fits about this sort of thing. Very loud fits, to be precise. I’m all “Hey Christmas, wait your turn!” followed by “Stop the Christmas Creep!”

So it is with the full knowledge of the mockery I so richly deserve that I begin my Christmas sale entirely too early. But here’s the deal: I make all this stuff by hand. So if more than say, two people order something, I could be in a bind if you decide to place these orders December 20.

Practicality has forced me ask (before the Thanksgiving turkey is even carved!) for your business. Certainly, I’ll take your business anytime, and I’m happy to do so. But if you want something under the tree, think ahead!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me a note and I’m pretty sure we can work something out. I’m very crafty like that. And I’m always excited about custom work.

Use coupon code: CMAS20 when you checkout at the shop.

As always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you!


One thought on “In which I am a total hypocrite…sorta

  1. As a crafter you know you have to start early to get things done in time for gift giving which is why Hobby Lobby & Michael’s get the seasonal stuff out so early – we crafters NEED it! I used to get upset with dept stores but then again, they have to catch people’s paychecks and budget money and retailers know there are only so many, so that is why they start earlier and earlier. What I don’t like are the stores that are starting Black Friday on Thursday evening. Really? Is it necessary to pull employees away from their families & celebrations to start the ball rolling then? It just seems crass but then I am over 50 and from an entirely different generation with an entirely different way of looking at things.

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