38 Turns Around the Sun

It’s my birthday. I’m 38. It’s weird to see that written down. I don’t think it’s old. I don’t think it’s young either.

I had this weird idea that I would know what I wanted to be when I grow up by now. I don’t. Last night, one of the anchors at the local television station where I used to work posted a screen shot from when I was reporting on air.

KATV reporter Kerri Jackson

11 years and 35 pounds ago

(Thanks, Christina. That wasn’t jarring at all)

I don’t even know that girl anymore. She knew stuff. She was sure of SO MANY things. I think that’s good. If there was no certainty in youth, no one would ever leave home or try new things.

Age brings the realization that you know precious few things for certain. But here’s what I’m sure of:

  1. Days that begin with hot coffee and hugs are better than days that don’t.
  2. Saying “Three Favorite Things” with my family at the end of each day is the best exercise of gratitude and joy I have ever practiced.
  3. If I can lay my head down on a pillow each night with a full belly under a solid roof, I’m in no position to complain. I really should stop that.
  4. Metallic lip liner was as bad a mistake as I thought it might have been.
  5. I was right that I would never use some of that stuff I had to learn in school.

One day I’ll figure out more. Or I won’t. Until then, as I take my next turn around the sun, I’ll be spending my days in a very ordinary way… with my village. (entire village not shown)

1005261_10201379758678445_457733255_n 1240228_10202000138147544_938118300_n 1011094_10201365574643853_616939592_n 993904_10201463475331309_903311367_n 599105_10200796938948316_132407693_n 1229928_10201865385858821_1930529405_n 483871_10200871555573685_1403663790_n 45579_10200845271956611_821352462_n


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