If the shoe, fits…

This post is sponsored by Sole Provisions, an online retailer of fashion comfort footwear.

old sandals

The summer of 1999, we moved to Evanston, Illinois, the first northern suburb of Chicago. I began graduate school in journalism at Northwestern University. It was a life-changing kind of move for a lot of reasons.

Somewhere on that list has to be the purchase of a pair of really good sandals. No, really. What I very quickly discovered was that Chicago is a walking city. No one walks anywhere in the South. If you’re seen walking, someone will almost always pull over to ask if your car is broken down and if you need a lift to a service station.

I wore those shoes for 14 years. I cannot say how many miles I put on them. It has to be hundreds. I pretty much wore them year-round once we moved back to Arkansas. I even sat through a soaking rain to watch the Razorbacks play with those shoes on my feet. It took at least three days for all the water to squish out of the cork.

It’s pretty easy for me to report I got the good out of them. The CPW (cost per wear) was pennies.

I’ve been on the lookout for something to replace them because they are pretty much done. As luck would have it, the folks at Sole Provisions contacted me about a line of shoes they carry: FitFlops. I selected a pair and gave them a whirl for the purpose of reporting you, good readers, what I think.

FitFlop Sling Tan Leather

FitFlop Sling Tan Leather

Short review: I like them. If you’re in the market for shoes with great arch support and comfortable soles, you should check out the selection on their site.

More details: I’ve been wearing the Sling Tan Leather for a couple of weeks now. According to the website, this shoe is “Hot. Crossed. Fun.”

The Sling Sandal is a flip flop with a twist. With an ergonomically designed open fit upper that lets toes flex free and the incredible feel-good Microwobbleboard™ midsole, it’s equal parts groovy and utilitarian.

I’m not going even pretend I understand what Microwobbleboard is. (Between you and me, I think it’s a made up word.)

I do understand arch support. I am what my physical therapist called a “functional pronator.” Then I asked him if he kissed his mama with that mouth. He didn’t laugh. Some people just don’t get me. The upshot of it is that I need arch support. Or my knees and hips hurt. A lot. Because I’m 84 years old.

Typically, arch support is a hard thing to find in a sandal. These have it. So right away, they were in the plus column.

The color is neutral, so I’ve been wearing them as indiscriminately as I did the previous sandals, which is to say, with everything including but not limited to, jeans and yoga pants. Don’t judge me.

The quality of construction seems good. But I really can’t speak to their durability. I’ve only worn them two weeks. The CPW is also still an unknown. Overall, they’re a solid choice.

I’m still trying to find a way to properly mourn the passing of my old sandals, but having a suitable replacement makes it easier.

This post was sponsored by Sole Provisions, an online retailer of fashion comfort footwear.


One thought on “If the shoe, fits…

  1. Once I had an episode of plantar fasciitis, apparently brought on by pushing the lawn mower up a 45-degree hill in wet flip-flops, I discovered the best summer footwear, hands-down, was FitFlops, or similar. I have a high arch and pronate. Add 60+ years and way too many pounds and the problem is compounded. A semi-annual pilgrimage to Ross scores all I need for the year, which I now live in until it’s really cold. The pedicures to keep my feet looking decent have cost WAY more than the shoes. I got the idea from a former lawyer boss whose podiatrist put him in Birkenstocks. BTW, Birkenstock now makes flip-flops, too. (I wasn’t ready to wear tennis shoes to the law office; luckily, nice flip-flops are now acceptable attire in the more laid-back offices.) The kids’ dog ate one once (brand new, made by Fila). I took it to my little shoe repair guy to sew back together and it has served just fine ever since. It’s black. Nobody notices.

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