Just Smile: 5 Amusements from World Wide Web

It’s Monday. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I find Mondays can usually stand a little perking up. All of these things made me laugh. You’re welcome.

  1. Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito

    Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito

    I really love a good rant. I don’t know why people expressing unmitigated rage about the dumb stuff that happens in life makes me laugh so hard. But is really does.

  2. William "Freddie" McCullough

    Obit for William “Freddie” McCullough

    This might be the best obit I’ve ever read. Seriously, it has the name “Big Tittie Wanda” in it. Who doesn’t love that? Look, we can’t all be angels. In fact, some people live their lives in such a way that I’m not sure I’d want to introduce them to my son. I never met Freddie, but whoever wrote his obituary somehow managed to honor his memory without falling victim to the need to make him sound better than he was in life once he was dead. May we all be loved enough to be remembered by nothing other than our truth.

  3. This Girl Love Christmas sweatshirt

    Oh, irony, why must you be at my expense?

    My very funny cousin Melody sent me a link of this shirt. She was all, “Aren’t you glad I don’t have enough expendable income to send you all the funny things I find to mock you?” I find myself feeling a bit trapped between emotions. On the one hand, the irony of me, the girl who despises Christmas, wearing this is just too fabulous. On the other, upon viewing this for the first time, I found myself immediately going through the catalogue in my mind of swear words to think of something bad enough to call it.

  4. Smoker's Corner sign

    Smoker’s Corner: Little Rock, Arkansas

    I drove by this fine establishment the other day. Now I have lots of questions. Why does the sign look like a Branson attraction? Shouldn’t the apostrophe be after the “s” since I would think their business model includes more than one smoker? Since when are corners lit up with neon? Aren’t they supposed to be dark, and in this case at least, smoke-filled? At this point, I’ve most likely given this sign more thought than the people who own the store. That probably explains why my head hurts.

  5. And if Suzanne Sugarbaker twirling a baton doesn’t at least make you crack a smile, then well, I think you’re reading the wrong blog.


4 thoughts on “Just Smile: 5 Amusements from World Wide Web

  1. Well, Freddie’s obit made me laugh hard enough that I have issued instructions on Facebook to my family that I want an obit that is at least half as good when I pass. I also need one of those sweatshirts just for the sweet sarcasm that would be glowing, radiantly from my face as I wore it. I would have to win it free in a contest however because if anyone spent money on it I would have to return it for a FULL refund!

    I am with Ribbons Undone…where is the Smokers’ Corner(I couldn’t bring myself to put the apostrophe in the wrong place…the nuns from The Mount can claim a victory here)? I just want to see it. I am a nosy little thing. As for Ms. Sugarbaker, I always loved when she talked about her baton routines. That made me totally laugh out loud.

    Thanks for sharing these bright moments!

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