Ordinary: the marriage edition

Two of the greatest people we know are getting married today. They have been together for almost 13 years. They have two fabulous sons. They’re a great family.

Unfortunately, most laws don’t seem them that way, as a family. That’s because they are lesbians. It’s absurd. So they flew to Vermont to get legally hitched.

I cannot wait to see all the photos from their wedding. I’ve been following their trip through photos they’re posting on social media.

Vermont marriage liscense

Marriage license from Vermont

All they want is to be treated like everyone else, to be ordinary, to have their home recognized the same way mine is. They deserve that. All humans deserve that.

I sent a small gift with them on their trip. Because all brides need something old, new, borrowed and blue. I also have a sick need to craft for every occasion.

old new borrowed blue

Brides’ gift – in this case we move the apostrophe

I didn’t really start out to be a crusader for marriage rights. Frankly, it didn’t think it affected me. I have a really conventional life. To some extent that’s true. No one else’s marriage changes mine on a day-to-day basis.

It’s funny how the people you meet and the friends you make can change your perspective. Over the past few years, through wonderful people who have come into my life, I’ve begun to see how marriage equality affects all of us.

When we legally deny rights to any people, we are all diminished. When some are only given partial citizenship, simply because of who they are, none of us can really sleep peacefully.

Not everyone has the resources to take off work and travel to another state to have their marriage sanctioned. No one should have to. One group working for marriage equality is the Human Rights Campaign. There are others.

I strongly urge you to find a group and help out. Give your money, your time, your support in any way you can.

The marriage laws need to change. It’s past time. Leah and Erica have only asked for one thing as a wedding gift: do what you can so all people can be as ordinary as they want to be.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary: the marriage edition

  1. Thank you for supporting your friends! I am sure that they appreciate it a great deal! What a lovely wedding present too! You are a peach.

    All it takes to make a family is love and for the partners to be consenting adults. Beyond that if someone can’t be supportive they just need to get out of the way. JMHO!

    Thank you again for being there for Leah and Erica.



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