Note from the Shopkeeper

custom made hankies

custom-made hankies

The Little Rock Komen Race for the Cure is fast approaching. October 19 is the big day downtown in our fair city.

Several folks have expressed an interest in getting hankies as gifts for survivors for the 5k. Just a reminder that each one is hand stitched. The sooner you order, the better.

Boom, Boom, Pow hanky

Boom, Boom, Pow hanky

Here at Drink, Sleep and Be Kerri, we hate to see people disappointed. We are so grateful for your business that we want everyone to be happy and tell their friends.

Be sure to place your order quickly to ensure it is delivered in time. We cannot guarantee orders placed after October 12 will be done before the race.


***Note: Just to be clear, the Komen Race for the Cure is not associated with my bawdy humor. It just happens that their event has caused an uptick in questions regarding the hankies in the shop.***


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