I’m mad. So here’s what I’m doing. Join me.

Here’s the deal: too many people I know are sick. Too many people I care about have cancer. I’ve been to too many funerals because of this disease. So Fuck Cancer!

I said that to my friend the other day and she laughed, “Honey, if it were that easy, this would have been taken care of ages ago.”

Cancer treatment is terrible. If the disease doesn’t kill you, the cure makes you wish you were dead. Or at least that’s what they tell me. But it’s what there is. When something invades your body, you fight like hell to kill it, because there is so much to live for.

I’m generally mad about the whole situation. I’m pissed off my friends are hurting. I’m angry they are going through this. I’m enraged that there is still not a cure.

This fury isn’t directed at anyone or anything in particular. I’m just mad. And that no longer seems productive. So I’m taking action, or at least as much action as a lay person can.

Be the Match test kit

Be the Match test kit

I registered with Be the Match, the national marrow donor program. I have a friend waiting to be matched with a donor. But she’s not alone. There are a lot of people waiting. All of them are someone’s friend or family.

It’s really easy to register. Go to the website. Fill out the form. They send you a kit with big Q-tips, and you swab your cheeks. You send the kit back. They call you if they need you. You could save someone’s life. It’s free to register.

But let’s not kid ourselves, it takes money to run the registry program. They estimate it costs roughly $100 per kit, to send it out, process it and get it in the system.

Boom Boom Pow handkerchief

Boom Boom Pow handkerchief

From now on, $5 from every sale of the Boom Boom Pow handkerchief from my Etsy shop will be donated to Be the Match.

Fuck Cancer hanky

Fuck Cancer hanky

Also, for my friends who appreciate the iconoclastic and profane, I will donate $5 of every Fuck Cancer hanky sold to a cancer research charity.

It’s not enough. But I’m not a scientist, a chemist or a doctor. I can’t actually cure cancer. I’m a friend. I send packages in the mail and take by casseroles and say prayers.

Right now, that just doesn’t seem like enough, either. This is a little more.

You do a little more too, ok? Then soon enough, we don’t have to be mad anymore…at least about this.


2 thoughts on “I’m mad. So here’s what I’m doing. Join me.

  1. I’ll send for the donor kit Kerri, thanks for the heads up. Last month I registered with the American Cancer Society for a LONG term study they are doing on cancer, environment, lifestyle and other factors. Basically you fill out a survey, give them about half your blood (that’s what it felt like) and they keep track of you through further surveys and studies for the next 20 years.
    I believe everyone I know has been negatively affected by this insidious disease in some way – I, personally, have lost relatives, friends and one very dear boyfriend to it and I’m going to do my part to help in any way I can. Thank you for being pissed off and I’m with you FUCK cancer!! Because it doesn’t deserve to be capitalized.

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