I’m taking over this crazy train

For some reason, Charlie believes that happy families go on fun outings. These sort of outings include things like hiking up Pinnacle Mountain and exploring caves like Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns
Photo: Arkansas.com

I think these are terrible ideas. I know of no “fun” to be had on these kinds of voyages. They do not make me happy. But my kid agrees with him. So we’ve wrangled one his buddies into our latest junket into a cave in the middle of nowhere.

The following is an actual conversation at my house last night. Please keep in mind, my husband makes a living PLANNING hundred-million-dollar projects and considering all that could go wrong on such projects and PLANNING for those problems. He has a Plan C & D for almost everything.

Then he decided to plan a family outing and lost his blessed mind.

Me: Ok, so I’ll make sure we have stuff to pack snacks for Friday’s trip.
Charlie: *indignant look*
Me: I’m sorry. Did you want to plan this all yourself? Did I step on something here?
Charlie: I don’t know why we have make a plan for anything snack related.
Me: What was your plan, exactly, to feed these two?
Charlie: We get in the car and go. We’d figure out something.
Me: Figure out something? At a cave? In the woods? The closest town is FIFTY-SIX. Your plan was to pack two first grade boys in the car with no food and drive them to the middle of nowhere to a cave. You thought that was a good idea?
Charlie: Well not when you say it like that.
Me: I’m taking over the fun bus. I will make the plans from here on out.
Charlie: Not gonna be much *fun* on the fun bus now. Gonna have regulated *snack time* on the fun bus.
Me: Um, you’re not. You’re gonna figure something out.


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