How I Can Help You Clean Your House and Be a Good Person at the Same Time!

leftover party favors

leftover party favors

I’m in a purging sort of mood. It’s a good thing Jackson has a voice, or he might have been donated to Goodwill by now. In the clean out, I’ve found no less than 30 leftover party favor bags.

These pictured are 20 from just one party made in some manic exuberance before a previous birthday. Now mock me all you want; I deserve it. But I am not the only one who does this. You do too.

So they sit in corners, closets, attics and generally collect dust until in a cleaning frenzy someone throws them away. I offered these up for free to anyone who would just get them out of my house already!

A friend made a great suggestion. When this happened to her, she took her extra favors to a local homeless shelter along with a cake and threw an un-birthday party. How brilliant is that plan?!?

So this morning I called to find out when we could do something similar. The woman was very nice, and agreed that indeed we could throw such a party, but quite frankly, they really don’t need the party. They just need the favors.

In fact, they are in fairly constant need of these kind of things for various reward systems for the kids. So if I had my heart set on a party, she wouldn’t stop me, but if my real mission was to unload the party favor bags, then I could just drop those off.

Well, that made my day. I mean really, one less thing! So I figure as long as I’m making the trip, I’ll take yours too. And stop lying, I KNOW you people have these things hanging around your house too. 

This is a LIttle Rock offer only, I’m not driving all over tarnation or mailing crap. You have shelters in your town. Call them.

I will be at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings this week in the missions room during Vacation Bible School. If that’s not a convenient drop-off, then email, text, whatever, we can find a way to connect.

Bring me any leftover party favor bags. Then a week from today, I will deliver all this stuff to Our House Shelter for Working Homeless. That’s as easy as I can make it.

Happy Un-Birthday to you!


2 thoughts on “How I Can Help You Clean Your House and Be a Good Person at the Same Time!

  1. I’m not in your area, but you Re soo right! I have tons of “stuff” I need to get rid of that someone could use and appreciate. Thanks for sharing your big hearted and useful suggestion with us !

  2. Oh. My. Lord. Brilliant. I ALWAYS have ridiculous amounts of leftover party favors. They are all gone right now because in the move, I truly got rid of them. Jason would have killed me if I had packed them in a box to bring to the new house! But I’m quite sure I will continue to have leftover party favors in the years to come, and now I know what to do with them. Thank you!

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