You’re Doing It Wrong: The Marriage Edition

My cousin, who is about as likely to get kicked out of the family as I am for her irreverence, sent me a link to one of the most hilarious tumblr pages ever. I could not stop laughing about this woman’s experiments on her husband.

In fact, the source of this comedy was just too rich: 62 Things to Say to Make Your Husband Feel Great. It was like a little gift from the comedy gods. I couldn’t help myself. I had to perform the experiment myself.

I began texting the suggested statements to Charlie with absolutely no context.

Me: I love it when you wear that.

Charlie: ?? I’m wearing a Millenium Falcon shirt.

Me: I’m praying for you today.

*my phone rings*

Charlie: Are you high?

Me: No. I’m graciously submitting to your gentle leadership as the head of our household.

Charlie: Have you ingested some foreign substance? Like crack?

Me: I’m totally sober. I read a website of 62 things that will make you feel great. How do you feel?

Charlie: Like I’m married to a nut job. Stop it!

Me: I’m having WAY too much fun now.

Charlie: Are you with Erica? Can she drive you home?

I did convince him I was sober. But it was clear to me that I’ve taken the wrong approach to “loving my husband,” and some things need to change. So I texted him again.

I let him think about what he’d done wrong for awhile. Then I let him know that it would be alright.

505_10201201639265571_79927971_nYeah, we’re totally doing this wrong… if you subscribe to a particular version of “right” as defined by some books and websites.

But we’re having a really good time. And that makes us both feel great. So there’s that.


7 thoughts on “You’re Doing It Wrong: The Marriage Edition

  1. So I’m sitting with Matt yesterday morning, seriously strategizing on ways to rescue theological education from its current state when he gets one of these texts from Melody. He tried to explain to me that “some women” had taken these 62 things and sort of turned them on their head. Now that I realize it was you he was referring to it makes sense. Plus it’s so much funnier in context.

  2. That is the funniest thing I’ve read in quite some time! I want to try this on my husband, but I’m afraid he’s too nice…and god forbid, would believe me.

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