Revenge Tablets

There have been moments in my life when I wanted so desperately to take revenge on someone for the wrong they have done me or someone I love.

I don’t want to actually do harm to them in the physical sense. I just want to deliver one of those lines that cuts right to the quick.

The trouble is, I can never think of the thing I want to say when confronted with someone who enrages me. I always end up with something really clever like, “Your mama!”

My friend suggested I study more closely The Dowager on Downton Abbey. If you unfamiliar with her withering use of language, enjoy the following clip.

I’m not sure I’ll ever truly be up to her skill level. I just wish someone would invent these:

revenge pills


3 thoughts on “Revenge Tablets

  1. We should put our heads together. I think between the two of us we could build quite a repertoire. Although “your momma” is such a classic. And covers just about every situation.

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