An Open Letter to School Administration

Leah and Jackson

Leah and Jackson

Dear School Administration,

There are some things you need to know about my son’s Kindergarten teacher. I know a lot of people think she’s funny, and the kids like her. Those things are true. What I’m not sure is communicated to you is what a stellar professional she is.

Don’t let the primary colors or alphabet charts fool you, there is nothing childish about her or what’s happening in her classroom. Leah Bushey has absolutely amazed me this year.

I’m Jackson’s mom, so I walked in the door thinking he’s the greatest kid on the planet. But I also know full well he can push boundaries and be extremely frustrating. He can charm his way out of work he doesn’t want to do. I was very concerned that he not be allowed to slide though this year.

Leah met all of that head on. She did not flinch in the face of that wacky boy. She made him do his work. She tempered her toughness with big hugs, love, humor and fun. He laughs deep belly laughs with her.

During second semester, she began to notice some things with him in the classroom. We’d noticed them at home as well. She talked to my husband and me; we made a plan to address them.

None of it is a huge deal. He’ll do a little work over the summer and be all set by first grade. However, left unchecked, he could have gotten lost in class next year or the next. He most likely would have fallen behind. Every indication is that school would become a dreadful place for him.

When we were doing some of the testing, people were shocked we were already there. They told us usually no one notices things this subtle until a child is behind, discouraged or checked out completely.

Not only did Leah teach our son everything he needs to know this year, she set him up for success for years to come. He’s right on track. It looks like he won’t get behind. He’ll stay exactly where he needs to be.

I know the school is packed with many exceptional teachers, all of whom are doing marvelous work. I’m calling your attention to Leah because she is the one who directly impacted our lives this year and kept our son between the ditches.

While my husband and I are my son’s primary educators, we also know how much we don’t know. I’m not trained to spot subtleties in behavior and what it may mean. I don’t know why some wrong answers are better than other wrong answers because it shows how his brain is working. Leah is teaching us too.

It’s no accident that Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day fall together this year. Leah is the classroom teacher, but she also acts as mother to those kids every day. She teaches them academics as well as responsibility, respect, humor, kindness and fair play.

We are so grateful for Leah. Leaving Kindergarten will be tough for our little family because we love her so much.

Kerri, Charlie and Jackson

P.S. We suggest you give Leah a raise. Unless that would raise our tuition, in which case, never mind.


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