Bygone Loves

All of this talk of Valentines and love this week got me thinking about former great loves in my life. And how they strung me along before they just left me…all alone.

No, I am not writing about 11th grade when I was invited and dis-invited to Jr./Sr. THREE TIMES. But thanks for bringing up that happy memory. Note to self: Call therapist. We’ve had a break through on reasons for my staggeringly low self-esteem.

I’m back to complaining about my First World problem of cosmetics.

Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever

The Makeup Forever fandango of recent weeks was just the latest in this string of rejections. I’ve been down this road before. Without even breaking a sweat I can name three favorites that are no longer available.



It was a really upsetting day for me when Dove stopped selling my favorite daily moisturizer. It’s possible I over reacted. Dove was really nice about the whole thing. They sent me coupons for soap they still make, but I don’t use. No luck getting the moisturizer I did use back in production. *Sigh*



I adored this Bliss product. It actually did everything it said it would. Plus, who can resist a funny name? When you’re getting delicate areas waxed, finding appropriate products is a big deal.

This one was fantastic. So they took it away. Again, I contacted the company. Again, they were very nice when they told me I couldn’t have the product I wanted. I did not get coupons this time, though.



This was just mean. The lipstick was the.perfect.shade. It was such perfection, it was named, Joy! It just made me happy to wear it. Now it’s gone, and I am sad.

Seriously, if you work for a makeup company, here’s how to assure your product will gain market share to the point the competition will just stop making its’ concoction: get me to fall in love with it. Within months, it will be wiped from the shelves, never to be seen again.


One thought on “Bygone Loves

  1. Great. Now I’m going to be all paranoid that Makeup Forever will discontinue the FINALLY DISCOVERED perfect liquid makeup shade. It took me 37 years to find base I really like (let’s pretend I’ve worn makeup my whole life). Cue panic and a run on Sephora.

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