Bravery, Ashes and Time

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

You cannot save the world, hon. It’s not that you’re wrong. You’re just howling at the moon.  ~Charlie Case

Today my friend Sarah did something so incredibly brave. She told an uncomfortable, difficult truth to people with power. She told people who want to live in a world of black and white that unfortunately, there’s very little of that. It’s mostly shades of gray.

I’m proud of Sarah. I’m grateful she’s my friend. She stood up for women and girls today. She stood up for herself and her beautiful daughters. She stood up for her own life.

Unfortunately, the legislative committee didn’t listen to her. They listened to people who called her part of the death squad. They don’t understand, mostly I believe, because they don’t want to. I’m terribly sad about that.

Tonight, I went to church for Ash Wednesday. It’s all shades of gray for me right now at the beginning of Lent. It’s upsetting because I really think I know what should happen in the world, but it doesn’t. I get mad and fuss at God. I mean, do.something.

She’s hysterically amused by this, I assume. Oh look, Hammy from Over the Hedge is back. She’s yammering about the legislature. Someone give her a cookie to calm her down so we can have a conversation.

There was a very clear theme to the service of mortality and time. There was a prayer asking God not to give us time for what we want to do, but to show us how to use our precious time. I asked again what to do. The answer remains clear, “Be still.”

I would like to state for the record this is absolutely my least favorite answer in the history of the world.

There is a part of me that wants to fight every battle of every war. I want to slug it out with people who are so obviously wrong to my way of thinking. I’m pretty sure they think I’m equally wrong. But that is not really the point.

This is not my time for conflict. Now is my time to heal, support, pray, write, help and invest in others. This is my path during this season.

It may not seem exotic, but it’s certainly been the road less traveled by me. And I have no idea what comes next.


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