You’re Just Ducky, Valentine!

I really like kid Valentine’s Day. When you’re a grown up, it feels like there’s so much pressure, which just stresses me out. But the kid stuff is fun. I loved making my “mailbox” in school for all the love notes I would get from my friends, in exchange for the ones I brought.

Construction paper, paste and glitter mixed with cheesy love lines are really hard to top. I remember in upper elementary spending hours pouring over my box of cards deciding who from my class would get which cards. While the rules stated everyone got a card, it did not say I couldn’t give the best ones to my best friends. “Best” being an extremely relative term.

Vintage duck Valentine with rubber ducky and Mr. Bubbles.

Vintage duck Valentine with rubber ducky and Mr. Bubbles.

As the room mom for my son’s class, I got to make the Valentine’s treat bags for each kid. They’ll each bring their own cards, but this is a little something from the parents.

I was so proud when I found the vintage duck Valentine’s to use. Charlie just stared at it for a few seconds. I was beaming, “Isn’t is great? The vintage duck works perfectly with the rubber duck and bubble bath!”

He looked like he didn’t know quite how to phrase it, “Yes, I’m sure the Kindergarteners will be very impressed.”

So I snatched it from him like a child, “You’re no fun at all!”

He’s right, of course. The kids don’t really care about the coordination. But if I’m doing something anyway, why not do something that makes me happy, too? He sort of shook his head and muttered and wandered off, as is our typical pattern.

They’ll have their party Thursday. They will never notice the details. They will stuff every piece of candy into their mouths that they possibly can before the adults stop them. Because the relationship between children and sugar, that’s true love.

Side note: there are too many kids who are not able to celebrate this kind of fun because they are hospitalized. Arkansas Children’s Hospital is doing an amazing thing. They’ve made it possible for you or your kids to send Valentine’s to patients through their website.

Seriously, it takes 15 seconds to do it. It costs you nothing. It’s not vintage ducks with Mr. Bubble, but it’s a really close second. Take the time to make a difference for a kid who could really use the encouragement.


One thought on “You’re Just Ducky, Valentine!

  1. Reminds me of the time my parents bought red delicious apples for my class for Halloween. They polished them and put them in a special basket for me to take to school. I was embarassed because it wasn’t “cool” candy. Now I know that, at the time, my parents scraped hard to make our monthly grocery budget stretch. To spend money on fresh produce was a luxury. I was an ass.

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