Courtesy: Greer Chicago

I adore paper. It’s a weird little addiction to be sure. I follow Chandra Greer on Twitter. I am smitten with her work. It is one of life’s great disappointments that I have not yet been to her shop in Chicago. I am making it a priority on my next trip. In the meantime, I like to check out her online store just to look at the pretty.

Today, I noticed these: Civilities. I just… I mean… How fabulous!

First of all, how much better off would we be all be if everyone was walking around with pocketful of portable civility? Secondly, could the phrase “share the love” be more adorably and literally delivered?

These little love notes are to keep in your bag to spread some adoration around. They even come with the hope (and warning) to reuse responsibly. What a beautiful delight!

Civilities Portables are also available in Thank You, Good Job! and Apology. Some days, with my attitude, I might need more than a package of ten of the “I’m Sorry” cards to hand out.

I’ve really got to find a reason to get to Chicago soon. Also, Chandra, really you must consider a Little Rock location. We are a gem of a town, but everyone needs more civilities like yours.

In case you were wondering, I have not been asked to endorse or compensated in any way for this post. I just genuinely love this concept and thought you might too.


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