True Things

As 2013 opens, I’ve been thinking about life: what I still don’t know at all and what I think I’ve kinda figured out. I really like lists, so I made one. Some were pointed out by friends or family. Some I’ve put together myself.

Nadia13 things I know to be true

  1. Socks and mittens are sold with a cloaking device. This is why no one can ever find them.
  2. Candy is not from Willy Wonka’s factory made by a benevolent, quirky guy. It is forged in fires of Mordor to control us all. Like the Precious, it calls out. It wants to be found.
  3. If a person rushes at pets or babies upon meeting for the first time, we are probably not going to be very good friends. It’s just not going to work out between us.
  4. Anyone can be funny and mean. It takes real brilliance to be funny and kind.
  5. Trust the process. Physicians who’ve been doing surgeries for 25 years probably know what they’re talking about. The woman who’s been cutting my hair for 12 years without screwing up is not likely to this time. Maps are almost never wrong, even though that seems impossible.
  6. When I feel the most helpless, help someone else. It always works.
  7. I cannot think myself into feeling better, but I can act myself into thinking better, which will improve how I feel.
  8. Knock, knock jokes are not funny. Ever.
  9. I don’t care what anyone says, nice is overrated. Kindness is what we need more of.
  10. Being uncomfortable does not mean I have a problem. It means I am uncomfortable.
  11. Gratitude and joy will always be intertwined. The more gratitude I genuinely express, the more joyful I become.
  12. No one ever went wrong sending a written thank you note.
  13. There is not enough laughter and dancing in the world. Therefore, I am obliged to some of both every day, just to improve the numbers.

One thought on “True Things

  1. You forgot that SHOES also have a cloaking device and that the device is activated by the intensity that one needs to have the item.- i.e. an important interview often means that the shoes you do find are not mates! The matching shoe has most likely been beamed into an alternate universe, wher alternate you is also seeking a matching shoe! :/ from “Shar” Hamilton of Kalamazoo

    9i.e imp..

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